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i slur a plea for you to come home

graphics by shornt

Shornt's Creative Journal
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graphics (and occasional fanfic) by shornt
Why hello there! You've stumbled upon slur_a_plea, the creative journal of shornt. This journal is mostly a keeping place for icons and graphics, with an occasional fan fiction story here and there. They happen to be self-indulgent in the fandom variety, haha.

The only things I ask are to drop me a comment when taking (I love feedback!) and to credit me when my icons are used. Credit can be to me, the community, or both; just as long as you're not taking it as your own! Also, please don't hotlink and never alter my work. I'm also more than open to requests, so if you want something iconed, speak up! Check out the tags while you're here and be sure to add to keep track of updates!
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